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Genuine Needles to fit the Hawk Standard Tagger Tool

SKU# NE08941

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Sold in packages of 4

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Shipping Weight: 0.5 ounce

1 pack $17.50  each
3 packs $14.00  each
5 packs $12.00  each

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Genuine Needles to fit the Hawk Standard Tagger Tool

Avery Dennison needles are precision-crafted with a rounded tip and a smooth, exact profile to prevent snagging. Safe to use on general purpose fabrics. These have short plastic base needle kit and are compatible with the Hawk Standard Tagger Tool. With an effective length of 0.5in. and a 0.08in. diameter it is perfect for tagging most fabrics. Packaged 4 needle per pack.



  • Plastic base
  • Molded steel tip


  • Effective length: 0.5in.
  • Diameter:0.08in.

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