Monarch 1110 Custom Labels

SKU# CUST_1110

Packaging Details:
Priced per sleeve of 17000 labels Minimum of 2 sleeves per order

2 sleeves $60.52  each
3 sleeves $54.23  each
4 sleeves $42.33  each
6 sleeves $33.83  each
15 sleeves $18.87  each   Qualifies for Free Shipping
30 sleeves $15.13  each   Qualifies for Free Shipping
60 sleeves $13.09  each   Qualifies for Free Shipping

Ships in 7-14 business days
( Shipping availability refers to time before item is shipped, not time once shipped )

Shipping Weight:
3 pounds

* Applies to destinations in the Continental U.S. only

Monarch 1110 Custom Labels

These price tags are for use in the Monarch 1110 pricing gun only. Labels are available in a variety of colors and pre-prints. Any pre-prints or custom printing are printed at the top of the label, above the area where the price is printed. Each sleeve contains 17000 labels and an 1 ink roller.

  • Available Materials: Paper, Synthetic
  • Available Adhesives: Permanent, Removable, Freezer
  • Available Background Colors: White, Gray, Ivory, Orange, Red, Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Blue, Buff, Green, Fluorescent Pink, Flourescent Red, Flourescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Chartreuse
  • Available Imprint Colors: Black, Medium Blue, Reflex Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Maroon, Brown, Forest Green, Medium Green
  • Slitting: Tamper Proof, None
  • Labels Measure 3/4" (19mm) wide x 13/32" (10mm) tall

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