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1/2" Standard Fasteners


Packaging Details:
5,000 Packed Per Box

Availability: Ships same day or next business day

(Shipping availability refers to time before item is shipped, not time once shipped)

Shipping Weight: 1lb

1 box $15.00  each
3 boxes $12.00  each
5 boxes $10.00  each
10 boxes $7.59  each

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1/2" Standard Fasteners

These 1/2” standard fasteners make it easy to attach all types of tags to garments and all cloth. 1/2” Standard Plastic Fasteners are commonly used with such items as clothing, bed skirts and for upholstery use. These tangle proof fasteners come on strips of 50 fasteners per clip and work with any standard tagging gun. Fasteners are packed 5,000 per box and are ready for immediate delivery.