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Towa® GL™ 521A-275B Label Coding and Pricing Gun

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Towa® GL™ 521A-275B Label Coding and Pricing Gun

The Towa GL 521A/275B A-Z direct dial label pricing gun is a lightweight rugged maintenance-free pricing tool. The top printhead has eight lines across of full direct dial alpha A-Z digits. The pricer allows you to dial in an A B C , etc., and will print out that same dialed letter directly on the label without the need to refer to a conversion sticker for dialing alpha characters. The bottom line has 6 digits across for pricing. Built with ease of use in mind, the Towa GL 521A/275B label pricing gun is easy to load and use, plus replacement of ink rollers is simple. The labels for the Towa GL 521A/275B measure 27/32" wide X 11/16" tall and come in sleeves of 8 rolls with 750 labels per roll.



  • Rugged Metal Frame
  • Adjustable Printhead
  • Easy loading
  • Serated Waste Blade


  • Prints 2 lines with 8 digits on top and 6 digits on bottom
  • Uses labels that measure 13/16" wide X 15/32" tall
  • Full A-Z alpha top line
  • Pricing on bottom line

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