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Regal 2 Line Label Pricing Gun


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Shipping Weight: 12.3 ounces

1 ea. $110.00  each
3 ea. $108.50  each
5 ea. $105.00  each
10 ea. $99.00  each

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Regal 2 Line Label Pricing Gun

The Regal 2 Line label pricing gun is a lightweight rugged maintenance-free pricing tool. Built with ease of use in mind, the Regal label pricing gun is easy to load, use and replace ink rollers. The labels for the Regal gun measure 27/32" wide X 11/16" tall and come in sleeves of 10 rolls with 800 labels per roll. Please note that while the Regal gun is similar to the Towa GL series guns, it uses different labels.



  • Rugged Metal Frame
  • Adjustable Printhead
  • Easy loading
  • Serated Waste Blade


  • Prints 2 lines with 8 digits on top and 6 digits on bottom
  • Uses labels that measure 13/16" wide X 15/32" tall

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