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Monarch 1152-01 Label Price Gun

SKU# MP1152-01

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Shipping Weight: 1 pound 4 ounces

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Monarch 1152-01 Label Price Gun

The Monarch® 1152-01® Label Price Gun will boost your sales and promotions by printing jumbo, eye-catching, easy to read prices on large highly visible labels. With a reliable track record and new drop-in loading design. It offers improved speed and ease-of-use compared to previous systems. The Monarch® 1152-01® Label Pricing Gun prints 2 lines with 12 regular digits on top and 7 large digits on the bottom of a 1.25" wide X 1” tall label. Stock and Custom Printed labels made to fit the Monarch® 1152-01® come in rolls of 1000 labels with 6 rolls per sleeve, 6000 total labels per sleeve and an extra ink roller.



  • Large promotional printing
  • Drop-in loading
  • Snap in ink replacement


  • 2 lines of print
  • Top line 12 digits Bottom Line 7 large digits

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