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Monarch® 1136-04® Label Price Gun

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Monarch® 1136-04® Label Price Gun

The Monarch® 1136-04® Label Price Gun is a fast, state of the art price marking tool. Designed with ease of use in mind, this label price gun improves productivity with less down time than its predecessors. The Monarch 1136-04 prints 2 lines of 8 digits on a 3/4" W X 5/8" H label. The labels that fit the Monarch 1136-04 come in rolls of 1750 labels and 8 rolls per sleeve.



  • Make labeling simple, fast and hassle-free
  • Increase your productivity, experience at least 75% TIME SAVINGS changing label rolls and snap-in/pop-out ink rollers (compare to Monarch 1115)
  • Neat and clean snap-in/pop-out ink roller
  • Covered label holder keep labels clean and untangled
  • Fast troubleshooting with an "open view" to the inside
  • Clean look, better legibility with bright White labels


  • Prints 8 Positions on 2 lines
  • Prints on 3/4" W X 5/8" H Labels

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