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Monarch® 1110-05® Label Price Gun

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Monarch® 1110-05® Label Price Gun

The Monarch® Model 1110-05 Label Price Gun is one of the most longstanding and popular pricers on the market. Its design has improved since we began selling it over 25 years ago yet still maintains a similar look, except for its color change from yellow to dark gray. The Monarch® Model 1110-05 prints 8 digits on a ¾” wide x 3/8” tall label. Stock and custom Printed labels made to fit the Monarch® Model 1110-05 come in rolls of 1063 labels with 16 rolls per sleeve and an extra ink roller.



  • Prints in 8 positions across
  • Features underscored cents bands and four small digit bands on left side (see popup image for details)
  • Uses less tall space saving labels
  • Rugged time tested hard plastic construction
  • Long standing popular pricer
  • Made in the USA


  • Prints in 8 positions
  • Uses labels that measure 3/4" wide X 3/8" tall