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Garvey® G-Series 25-9 Label Price Gun


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Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces

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Garvey® G-Series 25-9 Label Price Gun

Then NEW Garvey® G-Series 25-9 Label Price Gun represents the next step forward in Garvey's tradition of providing reliable and easy to use labeling tools. With it, Garvey achieved their design goals of improving every aspect of the end user's labeling experience. Garvey's engineers and designers created the NEW Garvey® G-Series label price gun to perfectly combine new, user friendly features with improved durability and operation. At the same time, they maintained the best aspects of previous Garvey® label price guns, such as easy drop-in loading and jam free operation. All of these elements come together in a way that label price gun users will appreciate every time they pick up this labeler. The labels for the Garvey® G-Series 25-9 measure 1" (25mm) wide X 15/32" (12mm) tall and come in sleeves of 8 rolls with 1250 labels per roll.



  • Ergonomic handle with rubberized grip
  • Reinforced ABS body with steel Components
  • Easy drop-in loading
  • Quick change ink roller
  • Convenient built-in instructions


  • Prints 1 line with 9 digits across
  • Uses labels that measure 1" (25mm) wide X 15/32" (12mm)tall