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Towa APF-100 Label Applicator (Adjustable Sensor)

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Towa APF-100 Label Applicator (Adjustable Sensor)

The Towa APF-100 Label Applicator is the industry leading hand-held label applicator. With a unique and patented adjustable sensor that detects the edge of each label, it aplies your labels with great precision to virtually any surface. Just squeeze the trigger and apply. The APF-100 works with label stock that measures between 1.0 inches to 4 inches (25mm to 100mm) wide and an outside diameter of 4 inches (10cm)

  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Adjstable Patented label edge sensor
  • Waste tear blade
  • Easy jam removal
  • Adjustable Carriage
  • Accurate Dispensing
  • Stroke: 20-60mm (1.8inch-2.5inch)
  • Media Width: 55-100mm (2.15inch - 4inch)
  • Media Diameter: Up to 10cm (4 inch)
  • Core Size: 25mm (1 inch)
  • 0.125" gap is required between labels for use in this applicator

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