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Promotouch Standard Applicator


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Sold individually

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5 ea. $45.69  each
10 ea. $43.95  each

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14 ounces


Promotouch Standard Applicator

The Promotouch Standard Applicator is an industry leading hand-held label applicator. With an easy to load cassette and ergonomic use and feel, the Promotouch is an incredible value. It is compatible with our entire Kenco® Promotional Label line. Simply load the cassette and begin applying your labels. No jamming, snagging or resetting necessary. The notched backing paper advances with each click applying a single label with great accuracy.

  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Patented label edge sensor
  • Waste tear blade
  • Easy jam removal
  • Adjustable Carriage
  • Accurate Dispensing
  • Stroke: 20-60mm
  • Media Width: 10-33mm
  • Media Diameter: Up to 10cm
  • Works only with Promotouch style labels - Call for more info

Download Specifications or Instructions (PDF)