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Jewelry Large White Tag (With Magenta String)

SKU# TAG0244

Packaging Details:
Packed 1,000 Per Box

Availability: Ships same day or next business day

(Shipping availability refers to time before item is shipped, not time once shipped)

Shipping Weight: 1lb

1 box $25.00  each
3 boxes $21.00  each
5 boxes $19.00  each

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Jewelry Large White Tag (With Magenta String)

These Jewelry Large White Tag with Magenta String Tags are great for marking delicate items with a price, description or ID. These tags are ideal for watches, rings, bracelets and any other jewelry accessory. Jewelry Merchandise tags are packed 1,000 tags in a box and ship in 1-2 business days. If you are interested in any other tag, please browse through our other categories to view over 400 styles of tags.




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