Small White Tyvek Jewelry Ring Dumbbell Labels


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Sold in packages of 1000 labels

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5 packs $5.50  each
10 packs $5.25  each
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3 ounces

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Small White Tyvek Jewelry Ring Dumbbell Labels

Small White Tyvek­­® Jewelry Ring Dumbell Labels are pressure sensitive labels comonly used for jewelry pricing and identification. These dumbell shaped labels have no adhesive on the central stem which prevents damage to your jewelry. Tyvek® is resistant to steam and ultrasonic cleaning. Clearly mark your items with a standard Tyvek® marking pen.

  • Moisture Free Application
  • No adhesive on stem of label
  • Free pen included
  • Steam and ultrasonic cleaning resistant
  • Shape Retention
  • Marking Retention
  • General Purpose Adhesive
  • 1/2" Diameter Paddle
  • 1/2" Stem
  • Labels Measure 1.5in. Wide X 0.5in. Tall