Are all of your products on your site?

While our site does contain over 5000 unique in-stock items, many stock items and special order products have not been added to our site at this time. Make sure to call us at 1-800-537-3336 if you don't find the product you need on our site.

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What if I can't find the product I'm looking for?

Many products in our industry are called by multiple names. So, if the keyword search is not helping, feel free to call our customer service department at 1-800-537-3336 and if it's on our site, they can help you find it.

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How long does it take for my product to ship?

Most items on our site are available for immediate shipment, while most orders will also ship on the same business day the order is placed. All orders are shipped via UPS Ground from our main headquarters, with the shipping schedule illustrated in the image below.

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What are your hours of operation?

Our call-in center is open 8:30am - 5:00pm CST Monday-Thursday and 8:30am - 3:00pm Fridays. You can speak directly to our customer service department without any voicemail prompts, so you always get a real, live, friendly person answering the phone after 2-3 rings.

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What if I wish to use a Purchase Order?

We accept purchase orders over the telephone only, so make sure to call 1-800-537-3336 to speak with our sales department.

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My credit card was declined, but I know it's good. What can I do?

Our site will offer you the opportunity to print out your order and fax it in. You can also call our sales department with your credit card information, so we can help you process your order.

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I ordered the wrong product. What is your return policy?

We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Make sure to call 1-800-537-3336 with your business name and order information, and we will be happy to service your returns. Our return policy can be found here.

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I have purchased items that qualify for free shipping, but at checkout, there is still a shipping charge?

our Free Shipping promotion is item specific. That means that if a shopping cart has some items that qualify and others that do not, the cart is calculated as having the weight of the items that do not qualify, and the "Free Shipping" items count as having no weight at all.

Example: You get 10 each of an item that weighs 2lbs each but qualify for free shipping, and 3 each of an item that weighs 4lbs and does not qualify for free shipping.

Result: The shopping cart calculates the weight of the 10 items at 0lbs, and the 3 items at 12lbs. We charge you the UPS Rates for a 12 lb package.