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Avery Dennison 08902-2 1.4in.(35mm) Natural Standard Hooks

SKU# ADF08902-2

Packaging Details:
5,000 Packed Per Box

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Shipping Weight: 1lb 6.8oz

1 box $34.00  each
3 boxes $30.00  each
5 boxes $28.00  each
10 boxes $26.00  each

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Avery Dennison 08902-2 1.4in.(35mm) Natural Standard Hooks

Avery Dennison 08902-2 1.4"(35mm) Natural Standard Hooks are ideal for hosiery and headwear. Compatible with most hand tools, excluding Soft Grip, System 1000, MicroPIn and Scissor grip tools. These standard hooks have a filament length of 1.4"(35mm) a tensile strength of 3.6 pounds(1.63 Kg) and come 50 per clip and 5,000 per box.



  • Works with standard tagging guns (see description for exclusions)
  • 50 Per Clip, 5,000 Per Box
  • Ideal for Hosiery and Headwear


  • 1.4" (35mm) Filament Length
  • Polypropylene Material

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