Avery Dennison 08938 0.75in. (19mm) Fine Fabric Paddle Fastener (Nylon)

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Avery Dennison 08938 0.75in. (19mm) Fine Fabric Paddle Fastener (Nylon)

Avery Dennison 08938 0.75" (19mm) Natural Fine Fabric Paddle Fasteners reduce the risk of creating holes and snags when attaching tags to delicate products with intermediate weaves, either at the woven label or at the stitches. These fasteners are paddle-end to prevent ticket switching, and nylon for added strength. These fasteners have a filament length of 0.75" (19mm), tensile strength of 3.5 Pounds (1.58 Kg), and come 50 per clip 5,000 per box.

  • Works with fine tagging guns only
  • 50 Per Clip, 5,000 Per Box
  • For delicate or more finely woven products
  • Works with fine needles only
  • Natural Color
  • 0.75" (19mm) Filament Length
  • Nylon for Added Strength

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